Wonder-Glove skin barrier lotion is ideal for all professionals working in the Healthcare field: dentists, doctors, nurses, hygienists, laboratory staff and all medical staff whose first priority is hygiene. Wonder-Glove skin barrier lotion is the answer for professionals suffering from skin irritations caused by latex or vinyl gloves. Wonder-Glove skin barrier lotion contains an anti-microbial agent that sanitizes while providing skin protection for under glove use, reducing the effect of the gloves on the skin.

Wonder-Glove skin barrier lotion absorbs into the skin creating an impenetrable skin barrier that is not affected by water and does not need to be reapplied every time the hands are washed or disinfected. Wonder-Glove skin barrier lotion has a moisturizing, and softening effect on the skin. Wonder-Glove skin barrier lotion can provide skin protection to any part of the body. Wonder-Glove skin barrier cream saturates the skin providing skin protection while its natural ingredient shea butter promotes wound healing.

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Protect your skin with Wonder-Glove skin barrier lotion. Wonder-Glove skin barrier lotion protects skin against
skin irritations, allergies and provides a moisturizing and softening effect on the skin.

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